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      Ultrasound Information

      Are you looking for an ultrasound system or reimbursement information?

      Maybe you just need a probe for your system or you are looking for pricing on a service contract on your equipment. You can find all the information on ultrasound equipment and supplies right here.

      Click on the link below that best describes what you are looking for to solve your ultrasound needs.

      Or give us a call at 707-887-2974. We are here to help.

      Leasing Information available here

      Ultrasound systems for sale

      Ultrasound probes for sale

      Ultrasound Service and Service Contract Information

      Ultrasound medical societies and reimbursement information

      Here are the best values we offer in ultrasound systems today. The value you will find in these systems is exceptional.

      Brand NEW DUS-6 Ultrasound system for under $6000

      Ultrasound Applications

      Breast Ultrasound

      Lease Application and monthly payment calculator

      Please contact us if you have any questions. Use the form below to send us your question. Remember you can also give us a call at 707-887-2974. We really do want to help.

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